Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO Hotel Suzhou: A peach blossom garden south of the Yangtze River endowed with the beauty of mountains and forests.

Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO Hotel Suzhou: A peach blossom garden south of the Yangtze River endowed with the beauty of mountains and forests.

Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO Hotel Suzhou is located in the city’s Science and Technology City, the administrative center of Suzhou High-tech Zone. The hotel is built at the foot of Yuping Hill, away from the hustle and bustle of the city itself.

Towering above the hotel and lined with lush green trees, the Yuping Hill features a 4.17 km long fitness trail and provides a picturesque view of the scenery of the entire Science and Technology City.

The hotel is adjacent to the Suzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee and the vast Taihu Lake with rich leisure and tourism resources in the vicinity. It is a 15-minute drive from Suzhou Paradise Forest World and Dayangshan Botanical Garden, and a 20-minute drive from Baimajian Ecological Park and Qionglong Mountain, a 5A-level scenic spot.

Arriving at the hotel, a joyous and passionate journey begins with the red raging bull in the courtyard, representing strength and energy, and the red birds throughout, symbolizing vigor and vitality. The hotel’s interior combines oriental aesthetics and Italian comfort with warm and surging red subtly adorning the entire space, conveying wonder, joy, and unique brand overtones.

The hotel’s 40 guest rooms and suites are designed in a modern and elegant style with red-colored details. Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, inspired by the "borrowing scenery" technique of famous Suzhou gardens, invite the beauty of the Yuping Hill scenery into the room. Each room is equipped with a Dyson hairdryer and a capsule coffee machine.

Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO brand

The Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO brand was founded in November 2021 by the Italian luxury brand Tonino Lamborghini. ROSSO, literally translated as "red" from Italian, represents adventure and energy and is the direct expression of the passion in the brand's DNA. In Chinese culture, red is also rich in positive symbolism: vitality, success, and light. While showing the essence of the Italian brand, ROSSO perfectly integrates the common persistence and dedication to the ingenious service of the two cultures. ROSSO aims to inject new vitality into its hotels. Whether it is a social scene worth sharing, a relaxing personalized service, or an eye-catching bold design, guests can always easily go between business and leisure, and find their way.

Comfortable space

The original intention of the Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO brand is to create a stay experience to relax and rely on, without losing its personality: get away from the hustle and bustle and find a personal space of comfort. It is the value of ROSSO to show independence while providing high-level services, convey personalized care, and surprise and delight via the details throughout. Adhering to Tonino Lamborghini's artisan spirit of presenting the ultimate and pure lifestyle, ROSSO continues to provide consistent and attentive service to ensure that guests on any occasion -- a relaxing weekend, an important work trip, or a lively reunion with friends and family – retain only the best memories.



Tonino Lamborghini Company officially announced the launch of its new hotel brand - Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO.

ROSSO means “red” in Italian, the color of passion, love, and adventure. Furthermore, red is a lucky and auspicious color in the Chinese culture and it is usually related to vitality, success and brightness. The name ROSSO is a tribute to the spirit of the world-famous Italian brand. It is committed to integrate and deliver the renowned essence of the Italian and Chinese hospitality. ROSSO will inject new life into its properties by creating valuable social moments to share, providing informal services where anything goes, as well as showcasing bold and ingenious designs. Guests can always find their comfortable space and switch between business and casual effortlessly.

“I am proud to announce the birth of a new hotel concept with a different identity for a different guest and owner: Everyone will be a special host at ROSSO. Our goal is to create apartments and studios brimming with passion, joy, and high-quality service. Because a hotel isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. And that’s what we promise to deliver to in all our branded hotels projects offering a unique mix of cutting-edge design and infusing passions around design,” Ferruccio Lamborghini said, CEO and Vice President of the Italian Tonino Lamborghini Company founded by his father 40 years ago.

The original intention to create ROSSO was to offer a relaxing stay experience guests could rely on to escape from the chaos and find their inner peace. The value of ROSSO lies in being dependable to provide high quality service, respect individuality while taking personalized care for each guest and create delightful surprises throughout the whole stay. In keeping with Tonino Lamborghini's craftsmanship of extreme, ROSSO continues its dedication to service, ensuring that guests are left with memories of relaxing weekends, rewarding work trips or lively regathering with friends and family.

The birth of ROSSO will bring a unique vitality for the hotel industry. From exterior design to dining and accommodation experience, the brand combines local culture with the essence of the brand. With the development of the project, ROSSO hotels will be unveiled in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities, and more information will be shared later.



Founded in Italy in 1981 by Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, heir of the Lamborghini family, today the company’s headquarters are located in the magnificent Palazzo del Vignola, a Renaissance villa just outside Bologna’s city walls.
Mr. Lamborghini has taken inspiration from his family heritage and his vast experience in mechanical and automotive engineering to develop a lifestyle experience brand with a range of luxury design products, including watches, eyewear, leather goods, smartphones, perfumes, furniture, clothing, sports accessories, golf & utility carts, signature beverages, 5-star boutique hotels, real estate projects, cafés and restaurants.
For 40 years, Tonino Lamborghini has been a byword for Made in Italy lifestyle. By staying true to the tradition and story of the Lamborghini family, the Tonino Lamborghini Company seeks to promote distinctive Italian style and taste.
Uncompromising spirit, Italian ingenuity and design - together with the talent of a brand recognized throughout the globe as a beacon of luxury, exclusivity and Italian flair - are the values of the Tonino Lamborghini brand. The company’s vision is to bring the passion and spirit of Italy to the global market with unique and distinctive products, inspired by Italian industrial design and the Lamborghini family mechanical heritage.
Tonino Lamborghini was born in 1947 in Italy, and he is today the President of the homonymous company. In 2015, Tonino’s first son Ferruccio joined the company; he became in 2016 vice-president and in 2018 CEO. From his famous grandfather Ferruccio has inherited not only the name but also the passion for speed: he is a motorcycling champion in the Italian Speed Championship.
TONINO LAMBORGHINI PRESS OFFICE: Ms. Rita D’Andrea: – tel. +39.051.862628


As a hospitality management company with a global management perspective of international standard, JHM has a high level of corporate culture and a rigorous enterprise management system. An international team consisting of top senior hospitality management talents is in place to ensure that every guest at its hotels can enjoy the highest quality service beyond their expectation of the brands, in high-end exquisite luxury facilities and experience right down to student campus hotel for the cost-conscious; embedding the essence of Italian culture ultimately representing an edge where east meets the west.
As JHM adapts and grows with the ever changing needs of customers and associates, the core beliefs in putting people first, acting with integrity and pursuing excellence, brought the company to where it is today, and will continue to move it forward into the future. All the while searching for incentive ways to serve the guests, educate the students, provide opportunities to the associated, and grow the business.
Within next 10 years, JHM expects to open and manage more than 40 star rated hotels and resorts, in and outside of China.

France Vatel Hotel and Tourism Management Business School suzhou campus autumn enrollment

France Vatel Hotel and Tourism Management Business School suzhou campus autumn enrollment

Vatel International Business School Hotel and Tourism Management, founded in 1981, has more than 50 campuses in 24 countries, including France, Switzerland, the United States and Canada.

Vatel serves China from Suzhou

In 2018, VATEL Suzhou campus was established and began to recruit students. Every year, more than 200 international students from France and around the world come to study here. Over 30 years of hospitality education, Vatel has won numerous honors and awards in the international hospitality, tourism and education sectors, and its teaching methods adapted to the needs of the industry have been highly recognized by the industry.

In particular, VATEL College ranks 18th in the world in the "Hotel Management Major" and 9th in the "Employer Evaluation of the Hotel Industry" in the QS World University Rankings 2020.

Excellent teaching system
The Vatel School of Hotel and Tourism Management offers: 3 years international undergraduate and 2 years MBA; Students can choose 5 years of continuous study; At the same time, I can also get a bachelor's degree in business administration certified by Xi 'an Jiaotong University.
VATEL College implements the management trainee training program and diversified talent training program of the global famous hotel group, combining theory and practice to build the industry elite.

VATEL college offers four major courses: hotel management, human resource Management, marketing and financial management. Students can enjoy the world-leading talent training mode and receive high-end management professional education. There is no difference between the students in Suzhou campus and the general school in France. After graduation, the students will be employed in senior management positions in high-star hotels and pan-service industries, with high salary, good treatment and fast promotion.

Paid internships, high employment rates
Vatel International Hotel Management School is a member of many international industry organizations. The school has close links with major national and international hotel groups and offers vatel students the opportunity to complete paid internships in prestigious hotels.

With the strong support of Shanghai Qiaoying Hotel Management Co., LTD, Suzhou Campus provides students with more than 50 world-class five-star hotel internship opportunities during their study. Signing the "employment agreement" immediately after enrollment also provides strong backing for students' graduation and employment.

VATEL provides students with a broad internship and employment platform. There are major international hotel groups across the country, from business hotels to resorts, from high-end restaurants to tourism education consulting, the employment rate of students professional counterpart is more than 95%.

The new term is coming
As school begins in September, Vatel is inviting students who are passionate about the hospitality industry to pursue further education.

At Vatel Suzhou campus, teachers transfer their expertise and enthusiasm to students. Interactive, all-English instruction gives students close contact with hotel operations and enables future managers to improve their skills and master analytical and decision-making skills. Whether it's a professional professor or an industry expert, Vatel USES her initial commitment to help students succeed in the future.

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou win big during 2019 hotel awards season

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou win big during 2019 hotel awards season

On November 5, Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou was awarded Family-Friendly Hotel, Aixin Hotel, The Good Idea of The Year, and Hospitality Industry Leader of 2019 awards at the 2019 Suzhou Hotel Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner held by Mingcheng Suzhou, an event to recognize and celebrate the finest hotels and hoteliers in Suzhou region.

As a hotel media service provider and an authoritative media platform in Suzhou region, Mingcheng Suzhou explores new ideas and development directions for the transformation and upgrading of Suzhou hotel industry.

As Suzhou’s first urban resort, Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou won the best Family-friendly Hotel Award. Different from other high-end hotels, it is noble, low-key and private, combining traditional Chinese garden and modern architecture, reflecting the comfort of culture, fashion and sophisticated taste of life.

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou was also recognized as the Aixin Hotel, an affirmation of hotel’s efforts in the area of public welfare and charity. In 2019, Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou joined Thousand Dining Tables initiative, hosted by Mingcheng Suzhou, aimed at encouraging on citizens of Suzhou to practice the convention of civilized dining, and on hotels in Suzhou to provide 1000 dining tables to support warm meal for children in poverty. The proceeds of the event secured free lunch for more than 500 children among six rural primary schools for two years.

The hotel’s noodle restaurant won The Good Idea of The Year award with its intimate dining atmosphere and excellent lake views, and Shirley Cai, the Director of Operations of the hotel was recognized with Suzhou Hospitality Industry Leader award.

All in all, it is a matter of great pride for the entire Tonino Lamborghini Hotels family, the applause and honour received will encourage the hotels to provide only the best and the most personal of experience to their guests with the never-ceasing endeavours.

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou And Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Kunshan Were Awarded The 2019 Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou And Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Kunshan Were Awarded The 2019 Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence

We are pleased to announce that both Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou and Kunshan have been awarded the 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. With this win, we have earned the honor and recognition of being one of the best in the categories of Hotels in Suzhou region for the seventh time (Suzhou property) and fifth time (Kunshan property) in a row.

TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted travel websites with a million users banking upon it for their traveling needs. With your valued support and encouragement, Le Lac restaurant at Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou and Ciao Bar at Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Kunshan have also added another feather to its cap by being awarded the prestigious 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. This honor is awarded to the establishments that consistently exceed customer expectations.

It is a matter of great pride for the entire Tonino Lamborghini Hotels family and we would like to thank all our guests who took time to complete the TripAdvisor review. There is no better seal of approval than being recognized by one’s patrons. This is a momentous cue for us to continue this humble path we are on and to keep making efforts to enhance the experiences of our guests.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our guests for encouraging us to bring the best and to all those who are going to be a part of our future endeavors.

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou Received “The Mega-hit WOW 2019” Award

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou Received “The Mega-hit WOW 2019” Award

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou has been awarded the honor of The Mega-hit WOW 2019 award as part of The Best Resort Hotels Awards 2019 organized by the Travel Info Magazine.

As a guide for alternative tourism and an advocate of the concept of “hotel as a vacation”, the Travel Info Magazine focuses on the needs of readers and consumers for their holiday destinations, follows vacation industry trends, and seeks and explores new vacation styles.

A total of eighteen WOW Selection Awards were given in four categories with Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou receiving The Mega-hit WOW 2019 award as part of the Annual Glory section. The contest, strictly adhering to the principles of objectivity and fairness, combined experts’ insights with actual consumers’ reviews to select the best amongst more than 150 high-end hotels and boutique B&B’s.

The award signifies recognition of the never-ceasing efforts by Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou to consistently provide only the best and the most personal of experiences to their guests, delivering on the brand’s promise of creating The Exclusive World of Authentic Lifestyle Experience.

Tonino Lamborghini Hotels & Resorts awarded the Golden Helmsman Award of the Influential Brand by

Tonino Lamborghini Hotels & Resorts awarded the Golden Helmsman Award of the Influential Brand by

June 25th, 2019, “Live unbounded Evolution” 2018- 2019 China tourism and accommodation industry MBI Awards and Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Tonino Lamborghini Hotels & Resorts has won the 2018 Golden Helmsman award for boutique hotel influential brand for outstanding stay experience, excellent service and good reputation.

The theme of the summit forum is “tangible house, unbounded living; tangible business, unbounded model; tangible store, unbounded quantity; tangible consumption, unbounded audience”, it focused on the innovation direction of tourism and accommodation industry, and provided a vane for exploring the blue sea of the industry.

With discussion about a theory of “live unbounded Evolutionism”, a number of real estate representatives, investment institutions, founders of hotel brands, industry experts gathered together as round-table conferences to analyse the business logic behind the concept of “unbounded” , restore the commercial nature of the industry, and face new changes in the market and policy.

Tonino Lamborghini Resort Saipan Broke Ground

Tonino Lamborghini Resort Saipan Broke Ground

The Capitol Hill Wonderland Resort project held a grand ground-breaking ceremony in Saipan on 13th June. It will be the leading luxury international resort project developed jointly by Palette. Inc and Tonino Lamborghini Hotels & Resorts, which is another new chapter after the signing ceremony in Shanghai in early March of the year.

As a “business card” showing to the rest of the world, Tonino Lamborghini Resort Saipan is a core tourism and leisure project for local government to attract international investment. Located on the hillside of Capitol Hill, the ecological advantage is absolutely unparalleled.

The first phase of the project covers an area of about 20,000-sqm, and a luxury resort with 180 guestrooms is planned. The resort will be designed by an engineering team based in Paris, and each room will have a bird’s eye view of the lagoon, the reef and Managaha.

The brand name Tonino Lamborghini represents Italian luxury which will complement the natural beauty of Saipan, dedicates to creating an exquisite stay and unique vacation experience adhering to the craftsmanship.

It’s a total $50 million project and is expected to be completed by Oct. 2021. With the core of luxury accommodation and delicious food, cultural exhibition and entertainment as highlight, shopping and comprehensive travel service as supporting facilities, the project will create one-stop destination products which will certainly drive the urban development of Saipan, upgrade its business sector and further improve urban taste and image.

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou was Awarded 2018 Guest Review Award

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou was Awarded 2018 Guest Review Award

Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou was awarded 2018 Guest Review Award presented by is the world leader in booking accommodations online. The website and apps attract visitors from both the leisure and business sectors worldwide. Every year, offers Guest Review Awards to their Partners with outstanding review scores to celebrate their success and show the world that guests love what they do. Based on comfortable and elegant living environment, top facilities as well as personalized service, Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Suzhou received positive reviews from worldwide travelers on in the last year.、