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  • A new style of living is interpreted by the Tonino Lamborghini brand in conjunction with real estate

    A new style of living is interpreted by the Tonino Lamborghini brand in conjunction with real estate

    In August 2022, the signing ceremony of Nanjing Tonino Lamborghini Residence was held in Nanjing, where the Italian high-end international brand Tonino Lamborghini Hotel announced its joint cooperation with the commercial real estate leader China Central Place to create the Nanjing China Central Place real estate project.

    Tonino Lamborghini Apartments has become a model of luxury lifestyle. Nanjing Tonino Lamborghini Residences is not only a living space for contemporary elites to pursue a refined, luxurious and perfect life, but also an artwork of the times shaped by the integration of history, culture and city characteristics.

    Starting from hotel services, the Tonino Lamborghini brand extends to private residences and high-quality properties, bringing the brand slogan "a place to feel the ultimate luxury of living" to all areas of "accommodation". The signed project is located in the heart of Nanjing's Gulou District and includes a Tonino Lamborghini Residences, a Tonino Lamborghini Café, a private clubhouse, a private gym and pool, and a fashionable lifestyle scene.

    A luxury brand crossover, Tonino Lamborghini took over the legendary family-owned business created by his father Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1981 and has since launched his multifaceted business empire. During this time, Tonino Lamborghini has created under his own name the luxury fashion brands around Lamborghini, with products in various fields such as watches, pens, perfumes, cell phones, clothes, leather goods, etc. The offices and hotels that are the core business continue to widen the boundaries of the business empire, and the intimate three-dimensional spaces created by the heritage of Italian industrial design and the mechanical inspiration of the Lamborghini family are a dynamic interpretation of The intimate three-dimensional space inspired by Italian industrial design and Lamborghini family mechanics is a dynamic interpretation of the luxury and romance behind this legendary brand.

    The matrix of lifestyle touch points built from the hotel services, with the functions of humanities and arts, social space, fashion and fitness, shopping and travel, allows the apartments to blossom with the quality of luxury properties and the supporting services with more humanistic warmth than star hotels.
    Under the shell of the condominium, the core of the condominium hides the high-end services of a star hotel and the warm experience of all-weather quality life of "accommodation + X". The diversified living area built by the brand of Tonino Lamborghini is not only to break the inherent impression in consumers' mind and express a life attitude, but also to turn the brand into a lifestyle.
    This is not only another exploration of a new business model after the luxury brand crosses over to hotels, but also a way for it to penetrate life, return to the brand genes and strengthen the communication between the brand and consumers. From consumption to lifestyle, Tonino Lamborghini's approach to broaden the brand's business lines and consumer reach, extending its services to private residences and high-quality properties, is also a sign of our consistent commitment to create a unique and meaningful world of luxury for our guests.
    This is not the first time that the Tonino Lamborghini brand has been associated with the real estate sector. The Tonino Lamborghini brand manages high-end hotels, residences and other assets worldwide, providing diversified services to high net worth clients in an asset-light model, with projects abroad currently focused on New York, Rome, Spain, Dubai and other cities.

    The cooperation with China Central Place in 2022 will create a more extreme and pure international lifestyle for Nanjing and help China Central Place become a platform product with phenomenal brand integration. This time, the lighter and newer brand empowerment as well as property service exploration is another creation of its brand diversification strategy.

    In an interview with Italian journalists, Mr. Lamborghini said, "The focus of the Tonino Lamborghini Group on brand projection will gradually focus on the Asia-Pacific region, and he is very focused on the development of the Chinese market, which is a reflection of the Group's high confidence in China's economic development after the epidemic." And both real estate and hotel brands are looking for new ways to generate blood after the epidemic.