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    Tonino Lamborghini Company officially announced the launch of its new hotel brand - Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO.

    ROSSO means “red” in Italian, the color of passion, love, and adventure. Furthermore, red is a lucky and auspicious color in the Chinese culture and it is usually related to vitality, success and brightness. The name ROSSO is a tribute to the spirit of the world-famous Italian brand. It is committed to integrate and deliver the renowned essence of the Italian and Chinese hospitality. ROSSO will inject new life into its properties by creating valuable social moments to share, providing informal services where anything goes, as well as showcasing bold and ingenious designs. Guests can always find their comfortable space and switch between business and casual effortlessly.

    “I am proud to announce the birth of a new hotel concept with a different identity for a different guest and owner: Everyone will be a special host at ROSSO. Our goal is to create apartments and studios brimming with passion, joy, and high-quality service. Because a hotel isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. And that’s what we promise to deliver to in all our branded hotels projects offering a unique mix of cutting-edge design and infusing passions around design,” Ferruccio Lamborghini said, CEO and Vice President of the Italian Tonino Lamborghini Company founded by his father 40 years ago.

    The original intention to create ROSSO was to offer a relaxing stay experience guests could rely on to escape from the chaos and find their inner peace. The value of ROSSO lies in being dependable to provide high quality service, respect individuality while taking personalized care for each guest and create delightful surprises throughout the whole stay. In keeping with Tonino Lamborghini's craftsmanship of extreme, ROSSO continues its dedication to service, ensuring that guests are left with memories of relaxing weekends, rewarding work trips or lively regathering with friends and family.

    The birth of ROSSO will bring a unique vitality for the hotel industry. From exterior design to dining and accommodation experience, the brand combines local culture with the essence of the brand. With the development of the project, ROSSO hotels will be unveiled in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities, and more information will be shared later.



    Founded in Italy in 1981 by Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, heir of the Lamborghini family, today the company’s headquarters are located in the magnificent Palazzo del Vignola, a Renaissance villa just outside Bologna’s city walls.
    Mr. Lamborghini has taken inspiration from his family heritage and his vast experience in mechanical and automotive engineering to develop a lifestyle experience brand with a range of luxury design products, including watches, eyewear, leather goods, smartphones, perfumes, furniture, clothing, sports accessories, golf & utility carts, signature beverages, 5-star boutique hotels, real estate projects, cafés and restaurants.
    For 40 years, Tonino Lamborghini has been a byword for Made in Italy lifestyle. By staying true to the tradition and story of the Lamborghini family, the Tonino Lamborghini Company seeks to promote distinctive Italian style and taste.
    Uncompromising spirit, Italian ingenuity and design - together with the talent of a brand recognized throughout the globe as a beacon of luxury, exclusivity and Italian flair - are the values of the Tonino Lamborghini brand. The company’s vision is to bring the passion and spirit of Italy to the global market with unique and distinctive products, inspired by Italian industrial design and the Lamborghini family mechanical heritage.
    Tonino Lamborghini was born in 1947 in Italy, and he is today the President of the homonymous company. In 2015, Tonino’s first son Ferruccio joined the company; he became in 2016 vice-president and in 2018 CEO. From his famous grandfather Ferruccio has inherited not only the name but also the passion for speed: he is a motorcycling champion in the Italian Speed Championship.
    TONINO LAMBORGHINI PRESS OFFICE: Ms. Rita D’Andrea: dandrea@lamborghini.it – tel. +39.051.862628


    As a hospitality management company with a global management perspective of international standard, JHM has a high level of corporate culture and a rigorous enterprise management system. An international team consisting of top senior hospitality management talents is in place to ensure that every guest at its hotels can enjoy the highest quality service beyond their expectation of the brands, in high-end exquisite luxury facilities and experience right down to student campus hotel for the cost-conscious; embedding the essence of Italian culture ultimately representing an edge where east meets the west.
    As JHM adapts and grows with the ever changing needs of customers and associates, the core beliefs in putting people first, acting with integrity and pursuing excellence, brought the company to where it is today, and will continue to move it forward into the future. All the while searching for incentive ways to serve the guests, educate the students, provide opportunities to the associated, and grow the business.
    Within next 10 years, JHM expects to open and manage more than 40 star rated hotels and resorts, in and outside of China.