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  • Join·In Holdings Group’s two core hotel brands won multiple awards from Menduner

    Join·In Holdings Group's two core hotel brands won multiple awards from Menduner

    On July 15, 2022, the Menduner Hospitality Summit Forum and the 3rd Menduner Awards Ceremony were held in Suzhou, China. Over 500 industry leaders, management decision makers, experts and scholars, as well as elite representatives from all walks of life, gathered together to open the Summit Forum on New Dynamics Driving the Development of China's Hospitality Industry and unveil the winners of the Menduner Awards.

    At the award ceremony, Join.In's Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO Hotel brand was honored as an emerging hotel brand. Amy Shen, Senior Vice President of Join.In Hotel Management, attended the award ceremony on behalf of the hotel brand.

    As a successor extension of Join.In Hotel Management's Tonino Lamborghini hotel management brand, and to provide more levels of choice in the hotel management industry, Join.In launched its new brand Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO. At ROSSO, everyone is the owner. Our goal is to create a stay full of passion, pleasure and quality service.ROSSO is not just a space, it is a lifestyle; a perfect blend of cutting-edge design and the brand's unique passion, which is our heartfelt commitment to all our hotel projects."

    Also Kelly Zhang, General Manager of Hotel Tonino Lamborghini Kunshan, and Shirley Cai, General Manager of Hotel Tonino Lamborghini ROSSO Suzhou Tech City, were each awarded the Best General Manager award. Relying on the most professional leadership, the use of innovative marketing methods has placed each of the two hotels in a pioneering position in the market.