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  • Ferruccio Lamborghini Visiting Projects in China

    Ferruccio Lamborghini Visiting Projects in China

    The Vice President of Tonino Lamborghini Group Spa. Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini and Ms. Tanya Byls, the COO of Tonino Lamborghini Group, accompanied by Mr. Stone Li, the General Manager of Business Development and Mr. Brano J. Svac, Director of Marketing of Join.In Hospitality Management Co. Ltd., conducted a week long inspection trip visiting several Tonino Lamborghini hotels and resorts currently in development.

    27 March, Wujiang. The first visit was at Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Project in Wujiang, where Mr. Lamborghini familiarized himself with the details of the project, praising the design and uniqueness of the concept of a hotel surrounded by water but in urban environment.

    Mr. Lamborghini exploring project scale model

    Overall view of the project in Wujiang

    28 March, Yixing. Mr. Lamborghini was cordially received by Mr. Zhang Lijun, the mayor of Yixing city, who took the opportunity to introduce Mr. Lamborghini the city’s history, ecological commitments and overall economic development. Mayor Zhang also took this opportunity to express his confidence that the development of Tonino Lamborghini resort in his city, in cooperation with Join.In Hospitality Management, will be a great addition to the city’s development. Mr. Lamborghini then attended signing ceremony of management agreement on the site of the project.

    Mr. Zhang Lijun, mayor of Yixing city, in cordial discussion with Mr. Lamborghini

    Tonino Lamborghini Resort Yixing

    Signing of the management agreement

    29 March, Hangzhou. Mr. Lamborghini visited Ginkgo Residences, the place of development of the first Tonino Lamborghini hotel in Hangzhou. Mr. Chen Yali, the chairman of the real estate development group, expressed his high expectations and confidence that the Hangzhou hotel will become one of the top Tonino Lamborghini Hotels in the world, offering perfect fusion of Italian and oriental elements, blended into an extraordinary experience.

    Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Hangzhou

    Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini writing good wishes message to Ginkgo Project

    29 March – 1 April, Zhengzhou. Mr. Lamborghini was warmly welcomed by the chairman of the board and the team of the real estate development group, later taking part in the revealing ceremony of the Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Zhengzhou project site and witnessing traditional lion dance. In the evening Mr. Lamborghini then attended a reception and gala dinner organized by the investor where he also witnessed the signing ceremony of brand authorization agreement for the project and enjoyed himself with a number of VIP guests.

    Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Zhengzhou

    Tonino Lamborghini Resort Jiyuan

    Brand authorization agreement signing ceremony

    Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Zhengzhou construction site ceremony

    Lion dance at the construction site of Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Zhengzhou

    Mr. Lamborghini concluded the trip the following day, paying homage to the past by visiting the Shaolin Temple and later in the evening enjoying the grand Zen Shaolin show.

    Mr. Lamborghini during excursion of Shaolin temple

    Kung Fu master Yi Long presenting signed boxing gloves to Mr. Lamborghini